Wind and Spirit

Wind and Spirit rushing in on me Move in power Blind men see Rest in me Pull me in Let it be Cells moved together Formed forever Resurrected body inside me Touch me now As my knees bow Let it be Complete surrender Loving tender Hearts collide In […]


Forgiveness in the Driveway

“It’s time to go now, the baby has had enough.” I said to my husband. My toddler was at the point of melt down and ready to be in her own house to unwind for the night. “I’m ready too. It’s been a long day. Let’s go.” He […]

The Angel Stirring

The Stirring of the Spirit

Recognizing Him and The Stirring “Alexander Alexander, Alexander Alexander…” is all I heard repeatedly. It became louder and louder, until I had to stop. I had to ask her the question. “Excuse me,” I interrupted, “Can we stop for just a minute? May I ask you a question? […]

Black Dog Tags

Black Dog Tags

Jeff showed up one evening smack dab in the middle of class. Seeming distraught and disheveled, he asked if someone could help him. Earlier that day, one of the clergyman from a local Catholic church had called us and asked if we knew how to minister to the […]

Children's Hands

Keeping Our Humanity

Discovering Our Connection Again In times of great affliction and in times of political angst, it seems the first thing we sacrifice is our humanity. As a culture and a media-driven society, we get caught up lines that divide rather than bring people together. Those lines are snares […]


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