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          Blog posts

          • June 26, 2017 Into the Next Room
            Into the Next Room
            You've been in one room for a long time.
            For some reason you don't feel comfortable anymore.
            All the furnishings are decorations look dated.
            The air is stale and without circulation.
            The conversations seem to be the same time after time.
            The faces are so familiar they aren't interesting anymore.
            Your efforts to be present and in the moment are failing.
            In the doorway there is a hint of light.
            A soft sound is beckoning.
            Something is stirring you in the direction of the door.
            Curiosity is calling.
            Do you dare?
            Slowly you venture there.
            You tilt your head to peak around the corner and look in.
            Inhaling the fresh air, the breeze captures you.
            You pull your head back into the room where your feet still are.
            Your heart retreats back into your body and you exhale.
            Observing your current room, you realize you don't belong there anymore.
            Do you stay for everyone else, all the memories, what's familiar?
            The next room is big.
            The next room is unfamiliar.
            The next room is a level you haven't encountered.
            The next room is has extended an invitation.
            The next room is waiting for you.


            Copyright © 2017 Toni Imsen. All Rights Reserved.



          • June 20, 2017 Lonely Doesn't Last
            Lonely Doesn't Last

            Crowds crash in

            Silence is deafening

            Couples walk on

            Clocks tick loudly


            Holidays creep up

            Days stay long

            Nights are quiet

            Dawn comes slowly


            Everyone is elsewhere

            Aching for an ear

            Tears roll quickly

            Future is unclear


            It's been so long

            Suddenly light shines

            It could be time

            Breakthrough has come


            Lonely doesn't last forever


            Copyright © 2017 Toni Imsen. All Rights Reserved.

          • June 19, 2017 Pioneer Series Part 4: 10 Things a Pioneer Knows
            Pioneer Series Part 4: 10 Things a Pioneer Knows

            1. The greater risks get the greater the pay off.

            2. There is a key to unlock every locked door.

            3. Doors of opportunity must be walked through.

            4. Loyal partners are crucial.

            5. Timing is everything.

            6. Courage is not the absence of fear, but facing fear directly and saying no to it.

            7. Resting and refueling is essential to keep moving forward.

            8. Important decisions are best made when you are not hungry, angry, lonely or tired.

            9. Second-guessing yourself will remove you from faith and put you at fear's feet.

            10. Regrouping may be necessary but quitting is never an option.

            Pioneers, I know you see the long-term goal. You often create the end result in your mind long before you realize it, or recognized by others. Keep your eyes on the prize and keep up the good fight.


            Copyright © 2017 Toni Imsen. All Rights Reserved.

          • June 19, 2017 Pioneer Series Part 3: 10 Benefits from the Life of a Pioneer
            Pioneer Series Part 3: 10 Benefits from the Life of a Pioneer

            1. New lands are conquered and established.

            2. Progress is made through exploration.

            3. New roads are forged for those to come.

            4. History is made for foundations to be built upon.

            5. Generations are influenced for eternity.

            6. Lifestyles are improved for all to prosper.

            7. Wars are fought and won for the betterment of mankind.

            8. Lives are spared and prepared for abundant life.

            9. Oppression is abolished for freedom's sake.

            10. Pathways are prepared for pioneers to come.

            Thank you Pioneers for your sacrifices, your vision and your destinies fulfilled.


            Copyright © 2017 Toni Imsen. All Rights Reserved.